120-year-old school gets renovated, but look at what they discovered behind the chalkboards

Wouldn’t it be fascinating to uncover century-old drawings hidden behind a classroom wall? In early June 2015, Oklahoma contractors traveled back to the past while remodeling a local school built in 1895.

As the contractors were renovating the second floor of Emerson High School, located at 715 N Walker, they stumbled upon several interesting treasures when they removed the existing chalkboards in four of the classrooms.

Incredibly, behind the existing chalkboards, they discovered blackboards with cursive writings and colorful drawings—untouched since 1917.

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Nearly 100 years ago, someone had drawn a little girl feeding a Thanksgiving turkey, a calendar counting down the days till Christmas 1917, and a little girl blowing bubbles on the blackboards.

And the cursive writings that appeared on the boards include pilgrims, music, and math lessons.

©Video Screenshot | Nbcnews
©Video Screenshot | Nbcnews

The most intriguing were an incomprehensible multiplication wheel, and a pledge that read, “I give my head, my heart, and my life to my God, and one nation, indivisible, with justice for all.”

“I have never seen that technique in my life,” Principal Sherry Kishore told The Oklahoman, alluding to the multiplication wheel.

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©Video Screenshot | Nbcnews

The contractors also found old report cards and newspaper clippings stuck inside the walls.

The educators marveled at the historic findings, which were still in remarkably good condition.

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Speaking to KFOR-TV, Kishore said, “I was like, ‘Oh my God,’ and then I got goosebumps and then I had tears in my eyes.”

“The time that teachers must have spent preparing for their lessons is amazing to me,” Kishore added.

“It’s like walking through an art museum,” Math teacher Sherry Read told ABC News. “You just sit there and stare at every picture.”

“They put music up there, math problems up there. It’s seeing a glimpse of the past and what they had to work with and the penmanship is just awesome,” Read said.

More eye-catching chalkboard art—including drawings of an old calendar with a pretty flower design, a map of Oklahoma, several houses with “Dec 10- 1917” scribbled above it—were unearthed when contractors resumed their renovation work on the school’s third floor, six months later.

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A pretty neat find. What do you think?

To preserve these precious chalkboards, Emerson High School has temporarily covered them up. They may be eventually showcased behind plexiglass, KGOU reported.

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Sources: ABC News, KFOR-TV, The Oklahoman, KGOU.

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