2 men stranded after car breaks down—then, they spot something disturbing in the pile of trash

Nothing seemed out of place when two men in the United Kingdom found illegally dumped rubbish on the roadside after their car broke down. But when they looked closer, they noticed something that definitely didn’t belong there. Their car breaking down turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

In June 2017, the RSPCA Essex Havering Branch in East Tilbury shared a few photos on their Facebook page of a pile of trash found by two men. The organization wrote, “the men had stopped in the Low Street Lane, East Tilbury, on Friday afternoon (2 June) after their vehicle broke down.”

As it was unsafe to stay at the spot, the men “walked up to the area near a huge pile of fly-tipped rubbish.” That’s when they spotted an emaciated brown-and-white animal behind the trash pile, and she was still alive.

It was a dog that desperately needed some attention.

“She wasn’t visible from the road and I hate to think what could have happened to her if they hadn’t broken down in the area and stumbled across her,” Rebecca Benson, an inspector with RSPCA, said. “She must have had a guardian angel looking out for her today.”

The Saluki-breed dog, later named Penny, was believed to be 18 months old, and on the brink of death.

“When I arrived I couldn’t see her at first she was curled up behind a large pile of debris and rubbish. She could only just manage to lift her head,” Benson said.

The men tried to help the mud-covered dog on her legs, but she couldn’t stand.

“The men had offered her water but she didn’t want any,” Benson said. “She was emaciated and very dehydrated so I rushed her to a vet who feared she may have some gastro problems so she will remain at the surgery for further monitoring, treatment and lots of TLC [Tender Loving Care].”

Rescuers believe that the hapless canine, which was not microchipped, nor wearing a collar or ID, was abandoned.

“I strongly suspect she’s simply been cast aside because she needed some veterinary attention and her owner didn’t want to pay for that,” Benson said. “She’s literally been thrown out with the rubbish and was dumped at a location where she could have easily never have been found.”

“Penny was so dehydrated vets had to keep her on a drip all weekend. But luckily she is now much better and can even manage little walks. She will be moved to one of our centres to continue her recovery and is being cared for by the RSPCA Essex Havering & Harold Hill branch,” Benson added.

About three months after Penny was rescued, the RSPCA announced on their Facebook page that Penny had “found her new forever home and is loving her new life.”

The men might have felt annoyed and frustrated when their car broke down, but it seemed like there was a good reason for it—so that they could rescue this poor dog!

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