30 of the rarest moments in photography you will probably ever see

Here are 30 of the luckiest shots we’ve ever seen. It’s hard to believe any photograph could be so well timed!

Photography is unique in its ability to snatch a single moment and freeze it in time. Now that just about everyone has a smart phone, it’s understandable that people are catching those rarest of the rare moments more often. Sometimes the captured moments are lucky, and some are unlucky. Some are surreal, and others sublime. And then there are those moments so rare and bizarre, they seem just out of this world!

Here are 35 of the rarest moments in photography that we’ve ever seen.

1.  Hold it… just a little wider Goldie!

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3. The Sorceress

Credit: Reddit/GrahamSaysNO

5. I’m just getting into my cryostasis time capsule now. Please wake me up in around 250 years.

6. Come on girl! Want to go fishing? Good girl!

Credit: Reddit/zimvi

 8. Greetings from the deep

9. Eye-eye Captain!

Credit: Reddit/TomBaum

 10. This is how I always tend bar.

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Credit: Reddit/okaythisisit
Credit: Reddit/Mocomedia

 14. Curious George

©  Adde Adesokan
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 16. Would you like to start the fire Toby? Good boy!

Credit: Reddit/greeedy

 18. Surf anyone?

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 20. A cat’s love tale

21. Boy’s first science experiment

Credit: Reddit/Mrsnef1

22. “All, welcome to the great city of Atlantis! The king awaits, and I will be your guide.”

©Nick Kelly

23. Pool-proofed pooch

24. Accordion cat

25. Ready? Ready? OKAY!

26. A child’s sole reason for being

27. Call it quits comrade?

 28. Oh! Pam, watch your step!

29. Waking up in the morning

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30. Package delivered right on schedule.