341lb obese guy rejected for his looks—after changing lifestyle, sheds almost half his weight

Have you ever been rejected by someone? No one likes to get rejected. But if one looks at the positive side of things and transforms the “pain” into motivation to do better, it may lead to a better result than ever imagined—here we’ve got an example of one guy who did just that.

For Mos Satapom, being rejected set him in motion for a change in lifestyle. After an amazing turnaround, he’s not looking back, and has learned to appreciate what the rejection did for him.

Actually, it didn’t take just one case of rejection—Mos realized one day that he was getting rejected by women because of his weight.

Instead of letting that get him down, Mos decided to use it to motivate himself into getting fit and losing the weight. The Bangkok native was 341 pounds (approx. 155 kg) and officially obese—he decided it was time to do something about it.

Mos decided that the first place to start was with his diet. He started by replacing foods high in sodium and carbs with lean meat, vegetables, and water.

Every single day brought him a new challenge, and he had to teach himself how to cook. But once the pounds starting coming off and he was working out, Mos was amazed at the difference.

He had shed 11 pounds (approx. 5 kg) in the first month alone, just by changing his diet and lifestyle. He’s shared his progress on Facebook and is proud that he achieved these results through good choices and hard work.

After just one year, Mos is unrecognizable. Lanky and handsome, he has lost an incredible 165 pounds (approx. 75 kg) and looks more like a male teen idol than his former self!

Mos is 6 feet tall, but now he weighs 176 pounds (approx. 80 kg). It’s an amazing difference that came about through sheer will and determination.

Mos’s advice to others is to fight your inner self and believe that you can do it. If others have been able to do it, “why not you?” he says. Why not indeed?

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