39,000-year-old mammoth defrosted and exhibited in Japan, the best preserved specimen known

;If you are into history, animals, or cool things, then you are going to flip your lid over this. Scientists have truly made the find of a lifetime in a Siberian discovery that is the best-preserved specimen of mammoth to be discovered in a long time.

A female woolly mammoth that had been encased in a Siberian ice tomb for 39,000 years is garnering astonishing amounts of attention from crowds in Japan, which put the tusked creature on display in 2013.

©Video Screenshot | Dailymail
©Video Screenshot | Dailymail

Although a little run down, the fuzzy little mammoth can easily be recognized for what it is. Resembling a stuffed animal that has been through quite a bit, being preserved in glacial ice for so long was what allowed this relative of the elephant to maintain so much of its original integrity. You can even see clumps of its hair that are still remarkably intact.

Here we see images of the mammoth on display for visitors and tourists at a Yokohama exhibition hall, where people crowded around to get a better look at the extinct species in front of them.

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Preserved muscle tissue was also discovered. This woolly mammoth, in particular, is believed to have been about 50 to 60 years old when she died and was preserved particularly well on an island off the coast of Siberia.

However, two legs and the upper torso were encased in soil and had been partially gnawed on by predators. Still, the specimen is as well-preserved as anyone could have hoped for it to be. It is believed that up to 150 million specimens of woolly mammoth exist, but they remain buried in permafrost and are inaccessible.

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You may also be interested to know that you can tell the age of a mammoth simply by checking its tusks and that the last colony of mammoths known to exist lived off of Wrangel Island, just off the coast of Siberia.

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