7-year-old who beat cancer returns to school & finds heartwarming welcoming party in her honor

After missing 15 months of school due to a rare form of leukemia, one little girl’s friends and loved ones organized an extraordinary return-to-school surprise.

Battling cancer is a tall order for any individual, and the difficulties one faces increase exponentially when forced into a life-or-death battle as a small child.

Meet Bridget Kelly, a little girl from Massachusetts whose world got turned upside down when she was only 7 years old. It was revealed to her and her family that she had a rare form of leukemia during some routine tonsillectomy pre-op scans.

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Little Bridget owes her life to these scans because had they not acted quickly, things could’ve rapidly taken a turn for the worse. Bridget was almost immediately hospitalized, where she underwent rounds of chemotherapy, a stem cell transplant from her sister, and surgery.

For Bridget, the hardest part of the entire experience was the isolation.

“We couldn’t have anybody in the house,” her mother, Megan Kelley, explained to TODAY. “She understood that the cancer was serious, but it was almost more devastating that she wasn’t able to go to school or soccer or dance or birthday parties.”

After spending 15 months cooped up in the house, it was finally time for Bridget to return to school. Bridget’s loved ones wanted to make her triumphant return a special memory, and a family friend, Kristin Healy, coordinated the surprise on Facebook.

“I invited 50 people, and by the end of the day it was 150 along with the police,” she said. “Everyone was just super excited for Bridget after she had a really tough battle.”

Quincy Police Officers welcome Bridget back to school this morning

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When the day for Bridget to return to school came, a heartwarming reception awaited her. Throngs of her peers and members of the community stood outside in the cold holding signs and banners with “Bridget the Brave” and “We Missed You” written across them.

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Bridget walked up to the group, threw her arms up into the air, and celebrated her miraculous defeat of cancer with all of her loved ones. She indeed is a remarkable little girl with a bright future ahead.

Watch Bridget’s triumphant return here:


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