Teen cuts off his dreadlocks after 9 years—when mom sees him, she stops dead in her tracks

Having gone through the pains of growing up and all that accompanies it, our sons often warm our hearts in the most unexpected ways. This teen did something he knew would bring his mother joy—he cut his long-cherished dreadlocks, so she could see for herself how much he appreciates her. 

Max had been growing his dreadlocks for over nine years. They hung all the way down to the middle of his back. From being in the sun, they were bleached at the ends, and Max was very proud of his dreads. But, after those 9-plus years, his mom grew tired of seeing him with the same look and begged him to make a change to his appearance. She longed to see his face without all the hair.

It must have taken a lot of persuasion from his mom, but finally, Max decided to make the change—not only for his mom but for himself too. He felt it was the perfect time to take the step and go under the scissors.

Cutting off Max’s dreads was not an easy task, as his whole head was dreaded. The “stylist” had to cut them out one by one. Max was thinking of how he would look and what his friends would say, but what encouraged him the most was that he knew how happy his mom would be.

After a few hours and going through the grueling experience, eventually, all the dreadlocks lay strewn on the floor.

When Max’s mom walked through the door and saw her son’s handsome face, free from dreadlocks, she stopped dead in her tracks. She was amazed.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed. Max gave her a big hug. Max’s mom was so surprised she even forgot that she was carrying the groceries. Max led her into their home as she kept expressing her amazement at Max’s transformation.

It happens this way when we think of others first, and that’s what makes life precious!

Watch this amazing transformation unfold in the video below:

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | Maxbeatbox.

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