A new born baby girl in Bangalore was rescued from the dumpster, but sadly she died!

A child is a blessing, born into this world to spread joy and happiness to everyone. Yet, there are many people who fail to see this, especially if it’s a girl child. On Saturday, a newborn baby girl was found abandoned in a BBMP garbage bin at Chamarajpet in Bangalore and has left the nation in shock.

Credit: Grey face of India. (Representational image)

This newborn baby was found in a basket made out of cane, which was thrown into the garbage bin. Around 6.30 am at Bajaj Street near Bible House, a passerby Shivakumar heard the baby’s loud cries and found the baby girl inside the dumpster.

Shivakumar immediately informed the police and gathered the locals around the area. When the Police arrived at the spot, the baby was immediately taken to the hospital, as she was in a critical condition. Unfortunately, the baby did not survive and was pronounced dead by the time she reached the hospital.

“We suspect that the parents abandoned the baby because she was a girl,” said a police officer to New Indian Express.

Credit: India Live Today(Representational image)

The police have gathered all the CCTV footage of the surrounding area and have begun their investigations. There have been several cases recorded in India over the years. It is shameful that even today people think about girl child to be a burden on the family and commit such heinous acts.

We hope that the mindset of the parents changes soon.