After talking with BF in Chicago, girl receives flowers—then, she reads card & can’t stop crying

It was supposed to be a typical weekday evening for one woman as she met up with her friend for dinner. But little did she suspect what was going to happen next when she was suddenly presented with flowers and a note from a waitress.

In December 2016, Olivia made plans to meet a friend for dinner at Rose’s on Reed’s Lake to catch up on each other’s lives, but she didn’t know that this was actually a pre-planned meal.

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Before her meal, she received a call from her boyfriend, Khai, who told her that he couldn’t wait to be home from Chicago to see her, and how cloudy the weather was there.

Not suspecting anything, Olivia told him, “Oh, really? It’s like, imagine the most perfect day … and that’s today.”

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Khai ended the call, telling Olivia that he was going to get ready for work and told her to have fun with her friend.

In fact, Khai was not in Chicago. He was home in Michigan, and he was planning a big surprise for her.

While having dinner, Olivia saw a waitress carrying a bouquet of colorful flowers. But she stopped and placed them on her table—Olivia was stunned!

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In a video depicting all this unfold, Olivia, who didn’t know she was being filmed, was seen reading the note that came with the flowers. She was surprised to see the flowers were sent by Khai.

Khai wrote, “I have loved you for five hundred and eight days … and will continue to love you till death do us part…”

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Olivia was then guided outside to the nearby lakeside park with her friend, who knew beforehand what was to unfold. At the park, Olivia met her sister, who read Khai’s card for her. After meeting her sister, she kept walking—and met her other sister.

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It went on and on.

Khai had arranged for Olivia to meet all her family members.

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Finally, she arrived at Wege Plaza, a favorite spot for her and Khai, wrote Bradley Productions, the company that produced the video.

As for what happened next, you might have already guessed it!

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Watch the video below to see how this beautiful proposal went!

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