After wife’s brain injury, man pushes his wheelchair-bound soul mate to visit all 7 continents

This touching story about a husband’s dedication to his sick wife will tug at your heartstrings. Perhaps that’s what true love and the precious wedding knot are all about.

Twenty-seven years ago, Andy Fierlit, a father of four from Connecticut, received the news that changed his life forever. His wife, Donna Fierlit, was partially paralyzed from a brain aneurysm, and doctors advised him to place her in a nursing home.

“Sure, it’s a challenge, but I’ve loved Donna from the day I met her and can’t imagine doing anything else,” Andy told PEOPLE.

So, Andy, who tied the knot in 1966, decided to fulfill the wedding vows of “for better or worse, in sickness and in health” with all his heart. Instead of listening to the doctors’ advice, he decided to live a normal life with Donna and booked a cruise for two to Bermuda.

And ever since that trip, the couple have been living a life that’s far beyond ordinary. They’ve embarked on a mission to travel the world.

Even though traveling with Donna isn’t easy as she sits in a wheelchair, the devoted husband keeps it up.

“You know, it takes a lot of things to make love. It takes patience, it takes understanding, it takes kindness,” Andy told CNN.

To date, Andy has wheeled Donna to 20 countries and seven continents. The couple’s goal is to visit the Scandinavian later this year.

“Every day has been an adventure with a husband like Andy,” said the extremely grateful Donna.

“We have a deep love for each other and we’ve always believed that when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade,” said Andy.

Are you touched by Andy’s dedication to his sick wife? Are you able to love your spouse “in sickness and in health?”


True love lasts a lifetime.