Are you still throwing away old newspaper? These 8 hacks will make your life a lot more fun!

Take any household and you’ll find newspapers in abundance! So why not utilise this resource and DIY your way into some creative projects!

Here are 6 fun things you can make with discarded newspapers!

Gift bags

A great way to recycle newspaper that’ll actually come handy.

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Weaved multi-purpose baskets

These baskets can also double up as a pet bed!

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Nobody likes mug stains on their table.

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Paper flowers

The best part about these flowers is that you can instantly change up the look with colours.

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Gift wrapper

No last minute errands to buy wrapping paper now. You change it up a bit by using glossy paper from magazines.

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Photo frame

A perfect present for when you are running low on budget.

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Give an edge to your usual bows by making them out of newspaper. Use it as a hair accessory or a bowtie, the choice is yours but the results are going to be awesome nonetheless!

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These are sure to catch anybody’s attention!

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