Aussie treasure hunter finds metal box in bamboo swamp—is this guy for real or just a hoax?

It’s not every day that one stumbles upon buried treasure, but there are some people out there who devote much of their time to just that—treasure hunting! This Australian man, who’s been seeking hidden riches for 20 years, recently stumbled on this old tin box in the bush! What’s in it? What else … treasure!

In a video, uploaded on YouTube channel “Gold and Relic Hunter 1958” in August 2016, an Australian man revealed how he came across treasure in a bamboo swamp, after one of his friends, Mark, gave him a clue. Here you can see the treasure seeker with his trusty metal detector.

In the video, he explained how he found out about the treasure-laden hot spot: “A friend of mine recommended a place in thick shrub of bamboo swamp when I discovered this old rusty metal box with a metal detector.”

His friend had told him that “he had found some very old coins and relics there.” The place was two days’ drive from his home in Melbourne.

Upon opening the box, he found some gold coins, brooches, rings, and bracelets. “Most of the coins were damaged but the jewelry was fine,” he said.

The jewelry became sparkling clean after he took them home and gave them a scrub.

On his YouTube channel, the man explains how he had been detecting gold for over 20 years.

“I love going to beaches after a very hot day where you can find some very interesting things: rings, many coins—both new and old. I travel to all the beaches around Victoria. I also to travel to the gold fields and very old country farmhouses.”

“I do a lot of detecting with my Garret Ace 250, which is excellent for coins, relics, and gold.”

After the videos were uploaded on YouTube, some netizens thought that the discoveries were a hoax. What do you think? Well, why not give the video a watch and judge for yourself?

Watch the video here:

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | gold and relic hunter 1958.