This brain teaser for 6-year-olds has netizens stumped—find the missing # in the parking lot!

If you enjoy brain puzzles, then boy do we have one for you! This interesting mind bender will require some serious lateral-thinking skills. If you stick to your conventional methods, you may be at it all day, but with a little practical logic, you may be on your way home. Ready?

Amazingly, the puzzle shown below is from a Hong Kong elementary school admission test for 6-year-olds—so no pressure if you get stumped! And, those kids get only 20 seconds to figure it out.

It’s a puzzle for kids, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy! Many netizens have found out that this one’s quite the opposite!

So, if that hasn’t deterred you, good luck!


The problem is: In the illustration above, figure out what number is hidden under the car in the parking lot. Be sure to come up with your own answer before looking at the solution down below.

Need a hint? Thinking in conventional terms, trying to find some association between these numbers: 16, 06, 68, 88, 98, is futile! You will not find the answer that way! So, rather than looking at the problem as if it were written on a textbook or as it appears on the screen of your device, imagine you are driving and about to park your car in the lot—change your perspective. Now, does that help?

Once you have your answer and would like to see if it is correct, or if you’ve given up all hope of finding the solution on your own, then please check below:


The answer is: 87

That’s right, you have to flip the whole thing upside down, or just imagine you are standing in the parking lot, facing the opposite direction, and you will see the numbers differently. The sequence is actually 86, 88, 89, 90, 91, and the answer is 87! Nice trick, don’t you think?

Such logic puzzles teach us to think outside the norm. In reality, many of the problems we face in life require innovative thinking, which is why lateral thinking is so crucial.

Interestingly, this riddle was invented by British puzzle maker David Bodycombe 20 years ago after seeing a carpark in Portugal. After he saw his puzzle being used to test school kids, and after it went viral on the internet, he joked on Twitter about it:

Did you solve the riddle by yourself?  If so, then congratulations! Please share it with your friends, and see if they are able to tackle this brain teaser.

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