Brit still thrives with mom’s 102-yr-old kidney—but in China, transplants are another story

Whilst one British woman is fortunate that her 102-year-old transplanted kidney, which she received from her mother, is “still going strong,” there are countless others in China getting their kidneys ripped out of them—“killed on demand”—to fuel the country’s multi-billion dollar transplant industry.

The transplanted kidney functioning in Sue Westhead’s body is thought to be the world’s oldest—it would be 103 years old by November this year.

Westhead, 70, of Houghton-le-Spring, County Durham, was diagnosed with a kidney disease in 1973 when she was 25. Fortunately, she was given a new lease of life after receiving a kidney, donated by her mother, Ann Metcalfe, then 57, at Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary in the same year.

She told BBC that her kidney is “still going strong.”

Woman with 100-year-old kidney from her mum still going strong after 43 years "Sue Westhead, now 68, received the…

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Miraculously, Westhead’s transplanted kidney has lasted more than four decades, defying medical odds and astounding doctors.

“I think it’s down to my mother’s good genes. She must have come from good stock,” she said. “My mom literally gave me life because I wouldn’t have lived much longer.”

Westhead is one of the lucky people to have received the gift of life by voluntary donation.

In stark contrast to the transparent medical practices in the West, innocent civilians in China are being kidnapped and killed for their healthy organs, a slow-motion genocide operation run by the Chinese Communist Party.

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On June 30, 2016, Jay Brauneisen, a Canadian resident from Edmonton, spoke at a rally, calling for the release of his mother-in-law, Huixia Chen, whose whereabouts are unknown. The biggest concern for he and his wife, Hongyan Lu, is that her mother might become “a target of organ harvesting” in China.

Chen is one of countless many others who have been unlawfully detained in China for her belief in Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa)—an ancient meditation practice based on the values of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance.

Former Canadian Secretary of State David Kilgour and renowned Canadian human rights lawyer David Matas revealed in their groundbreaking investigative report that living prisoners of conscience—chiefly practitioners of Falun Gong, as well as Tibetans, Uyghurs, and House Christians—are being harvested on a mass scale nationwide to fuel China’s aberrant and lucrative organ trade.


Then in 2016, Kilgour and Matas, along with American investigative journalist and 2017 Nobel Peace Prize nominee Ethan Gutmann, released an updated report on forced organ harvesting, confirming “the number of transplants carried out in China since 2000 is between 60,000 and 100,000 per year.”

Moreover, each transplanted organ can fetch up to tens of thousands of dollars.

“The latest update from David Kilgour, David Matas, and Ethan Gutmann reveals how much more brutal this practice is than we first thought,” Hongyan Lu told The Epoch Times.

Lu, who resides in Canada, is free to speak out against China’s ruling regime. Many Chinese people like her mother, however, are deprived of these most fundamental rights. If they speak out, they could be next on the chopping block … literally.

In yet another case, He Xiuling—a Chinese Falun Gong practitioner from Shandong Province—was illegally detained at the Nanjiao Detention Center in Yantai City, where she was subjected to severe torture, per a report by, a clearinghouse that regularly publishes firsthand accounts on the persecution of Falun Gong.

He Xiuling. (©Minghui)

Mrs. He died mysteriously at around 7:00 a.m. on March 11, 2004, in the Yuhuangding Hospital, also known as Zhuangqu Hospital.

When He’s husband saw her body at the morgue, he noticed a suspicious bandage wrapped around her lower back. The doctor said they performed a lumbar puncture on her, but according to the report, she didn’t have problems with her lower back and chest. Why would the doctor need to cut open the area where her kidneys were located?

He’s husband requested the detention center to freeze and not cremate his wife’s body so a proper investigation could be conducted. No further updates were provided.

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Although the average wait time for a kidney transplant is 3–5 years worldwide, a nurse at a hospital in Tianjin City told reporters from South Korean cable network TV Chosun that “a matching organ can be found within weeks,” and “if the patient’s family is willing to donate additional money to the hospital’s charity, the waiting period can be sped up.”

How could they possibly guarantee a matching organ in such a short period of time?

The reporters went undercover to investigate. They traveled to the hospital under the pretense that they were asking about a transplant for a patient with kidney disease. Their interaction with the nurse was secretly filmed and aired in South Korea on Nov. 15, 2017, in a program called “Investigative Report 7.”

These disturbing examples are just the tip of the iceberg. In light of all the evidence, the conclusion has been made that the Chinese regime is actively engaged in forced organ harvesting. Chinese jails and detention centers are “live organ banks” filled with countless prisoners of faith, who are eventually killed on demand when they are blood-matched ahead of a scheduled transplant.


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On July 20, 1999, former Communist Party Chief Jiang Zemin started a brutal persecution to eradicate Falun Gong, fearing its 70 million to 100 million adherents would pose a threat to the Party’s authoritarian rule. Prior to the genocide, the Chinese regime had bestowed awards and honors on the practice for improving people’s health and saving the country millions of yuan (Chinese currency) in medical expenses.

According to, ten of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners are illegally detained in prisons, detention centers, and mental hospitals. They have been sentenced without trial, and face inhumane torture and forced organ harvesting. For more information, please visit