British angler catches an 8-foot GIANT albino catfish, weighing a whopping 194 pounds!

A British angler caught a jumbo 8-foot albino catfish that weighed 194 pounds (88 kg). After confirming the fish’s weight, it was released into the water, safe and sound.

Chris Grimmer, in his 40s, caught a giant albino catfish during his fishing trip in Spain. He broke the local record in 2011 for the hefty catch. It was the biggest albino catfish caught on the River Ebro, near Barcelona, Spain, which was 2 pounds heavier than the record held by a blind woman, Shelia Penfold, in the previous year.

Chris Grimmer from Sheffield, England, snared the giant fish when he and three of his friends were on a week’s fishing trip on the River Ebro, according to Daily Mail report.

“It took my reel and stripped it and it was then that I knew it was a big one,” he said.

After the catfish took his bait, Chris exhausted himself for 30 minutes to reel it in. The big fish’s strength was so great that it made Chris’s rod bend over double.

“It took me ages to bring it in, it was like trying to reel in a bus,” said Chris. “One of my mates went into the water to help lift it out.”

At that time, their tour guide had left them to buy food. When they called him, he immediately returned to where they were fishing.

The guide, Ashley Scott, said: “We know what the records are for catfish so we realized straight away that it was a record.”

“There was mayhem on the bank with people cheering and clapping. We had a bottle of champagne to celebrate it and Chris poured a drop into the river for the fish.”

The albino catfish was set free back to the water, well and safe, after it was weighed.

“I was proper tired afterwards, and could hardly walk but it was worth it,” Chris said.

Photo credit: Facebook | Chris grimmer 71.