Brother devastated by loss of twins breaks into tears after mom’s surprise pregnancy reveal

The loss of his twin siblings hit this boy hard. Moreover, he was really looking forward to being a big brother. For Christmas in 2017, his family presented him a gift, which contained the sweetest surprise. Watch his priceless reaction as he opens the present. The bittersweet footage has since garnered more than 2.3 million views.

The video, posted on the Love What Matters Facebook page, tells the story of a family who has been coping with grief after the loss of their twin babies.

“Our family lost twins in June 2016. We all took it hard, but my son took it especially hard, not able to understand why this was happening when he wanted to be a big brother so badly,” wrote the anonymous mother.

The only son of the family was particularly upset by the loss. The parents tried to have another baby again. After 15 months, “we finally got pregnant with our rainbow baby.”

Knowing her 11-year-old son would certainly be excited over the news, his mom decided to give him a surprise baby revelation.

The family placed the framed sonogram in a box.

Then, the mom presented her son this special Christmas gift, wrapped in red and black checkers.

In the video, the boy asks, “Are you ready?” then proceeds to unwrap the gift before a lit Christmas tree in the background. He has no idea what’s inside.

He opens the box and exclaims excitedly upon seeing the bubble wrap. As he looks inside the box, he falls into silence for a few moments. When he realizes it’s a sonogram at the bottom, he bursts into tears.

“His reaction was heartwarming and more than I expected,” the mom continued.

The mom immediately stops recording to comfort her son, who is overwhelmed with emotion.

“I couldn’t record anymore at the end,” the mom wrote. “I had to go and sit on the floor with him and cry together.”

The arrival of a rainbow baby after the painful experience is truly a Christmas miracle! Judging from the boy’s reaction, we guess he’ll be one awesome brother.

“This baby is going to have the best big brother in the world, even with an 11.5 year age gap. I have a feeling they will be the best of friends,” the mom concluded.

The video has since garnered more than 2.3 million views and over 10,000 shares, with many sharing similar experiences.

One Facebook user wrote: “After losing their brother Kenton our girls were thrilled when we told them we were pregnant with twins. They are so helpful and love their baby sisters. Loss has a way of making people realize how precious life is.”

Another commented: “My rainbow baby also has an older brother by 10 years. They have the best relationship. And now, my oldest is a 20 year old in the Marines and still takes time with his baby brother.”

A baby is a blessing and a gift from heaven. Congratulations to the family!

Watch the video:

Photo Credit: Facebook Video Screenshot | Love What Matters.

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