Building a fish pond the ‘primitive’ way, this is one good-looking DIY project

There’s nothing like doing things the old-fashioned way, or in the case of the bare-chested man in this video—the “primitive” way. Armed with nothing more than his hands and a few basic tools, building a fish pond has become more than just a side project, but a meaningful workout that’s sure to bring him much pleasure for many years to come.

This guy is quite buff, and he’d need to be, as he has to lug a heap of stones across a distance of who knows how long. Carrying a simple cane basket, he fills it to the brim with smooth stones of all shapes and sizes, which he collects from the river.

With a few back-and-forth trips, he amasses a hefty pile of stones—and now the construction begins.

It’s handy to see a laborious, time-consuming project compressed into as little as four minutes.

He’s out there amidst nature, surrounded by lots of green, leafy foliage, toiling away. He probably finds this whole process therapeutic.

What comes as a telling test of his building skills is when he forms three neat steps by chipping away at the hardened earth.

Little by little, the fish pond takes shape, especially after adding the concrete, the blocks, and stones.

It’s a pleasant sight to see newly placed concrete leveled out into a smooth finish. Seeing how much pride and care this guy puts into his project, there’s no doubt he feels the same way.

Using his fist as a makeshift mallet, he squishes those blocks into place.

Save the best for last; just wait for the finished product to see all that stone work. It looks perfect in the outdoor setting he’s constructed it in.

Now that’s a luxurious watery abode for those fish. He’s done them a charitable service, and himself a massive workout. He’ll sure sleep well after all that work.

Watch the video to see this fish pond take shape.

Video Credit: YouTube | Primitive Life.

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