Children prove there’s still plenty of good in the world through touching displays of love

Imagine what the world would be like if the kind of gentle love and care that these innocent kids express for one another in this series of clips was cherished and practiced by the whole human race.

Aren’t these three adorable? When the two wearing pink pants share a hug, they notice a third girl approach, obviously after a hug too.

What do they do? Hugs for all!

Their feelings of warmth are mutual, and it’s heartening to witness such inclusiveness in these young girls.

How could you not touch that smooth baby’s head? Both of these girls couldn’t resist the temptation, and just have to kiss his head!

The little fella, dressed in a very dapper checkered shirt, doesn’t seem to register that he’s suddenly become the center of attention.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if when all babies grew up, they were nurtured to further develop this kind of loving kindness in their teen years, right through to adulthood? Not only would there be less selfishness, but kindness would truly flourish and become the cornerstone of all human interactions.

Be sure to watch this heartening compilation of clips for more of these wonderful interactions.

Video Credit: Facebook | Funniest Family Moments.

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