Cop flags pregnant mom down to give her a gift and it’s almost too much for her

Unsuspecting drivers being pulled over by police officers in Oregon experienced more than a surprise, for they were handed something other than a dreaded ticket—they got something much better. The drivers’ incredible reactions made the job all the more worthwhile for the officers!

On Dec. 16, 2015, police officers in Molalla, Oregon, decided to serve as Secret Santa’s helpers to deliver some holiday joy!

The Secret Santa behind this initiative was a local business that wanted to remain anonymous. The business donated the cash, whilst police officers flagged down unsuspecting drivers to hand out the gifts.

©Facebook Video Screenshot | Molalla Police Department

“The Molalla Police Department was privileged to have the opportunity to spread joy and happiness to a few fortunate citizens,” wrote Chief Rod Lucich. Lucich also posted videos capturing “Santa’s” officers in action on the Molalla Police Department’s Facebook page.

“$100 bills to a few unsuspecting citizens.”

©Facebook Screenshot | Molalla Police Department

The lucky drivers were absolutely taken aback by the random generosity they received.

Stacy was sitting in the car with her young son when an officer pulled her over.

The surprised mom is seen almost tearing up upon receiving a $100 bill from the officer.

©Facebook Video Screenshot | Molalla Police Department

“…I’m going to cry,” she said, overwhelmed by the gift.

“I’m nine months pregnant,” she added.

©Facebook Video Screenshot | Molalla Police Department

Another woman, who was moved to tears, got out of the car to give the officer a hug.

©Facebook Video Screenshot | Molalla Police Department

This generous initiative not only made some drivers shed tears of gratitude, it also brought much happiness to the officers.

“With opportunities like these, it would be difficult to measure who feels more joy, the officers giving the gift or the unsuspecting recipient,” Chief Lucich wrote. “On behalf of the Molalla Police Department and our very special Secret Santa, may Joy, Peace and Safety be yours this holiday season.”

One of the recipients, Brandy Smith, wrote in the comments section: “I just wanted to say thank you again!! You have no idea how much this has helped me!! My son is going to have the best Christmas.”

“Way to go! Molalla PD and Secret Santa! Way to make people smile,” Facebook user Micky Wagne added.

Christmas might be several months away, but giving and sharing shouldn’t just be limited to the festive season. We should keep the giving spirit alive throughout the entire year, for there are people who still need help, and it’s always better to give than to receive—it feels great to do so too!

Watch the video:


He’s reading letter from Santa, but by the end he’s in tears because he realizes where they are