Cop pulls lady over and walks into store to buy red tape to help fix her busted tail light

This woman was pulled over by a police officer for driving with a busted tail light. When he found that she was an upstanding citizen, he asked her to “pray.”

Valerie Graves wrote on the Facebook page Love What Matters of her encounter with a police officer who instructed her to pull over.

She wrote, “Officer pulled me over tonight due to a busted tail light. I just happened to pull into the parking lot of O’Reilly’s auto part store on Fairpark and Asher.”

The officer asked her to wait while he went into the store after checking her identification.

She continued: “He ran my license and insurance; after seeing that I am an upstanding citizen he told me to pull in front of the auto part store and wait on him as he went into purchase the red tape and placed it on my vehicle.”

Once the officer was done taping the tail light, Graves wanted to reimburse him for the amount he shelled out for the red tape. But what the officer said surprised her.

“I asked him what I owed and he replied ‘just please pray for myself and other officers.’ Immediately I began to pray!” she wrote.

Graves wanted to thank the officer for his act of kindness and shared her story on social media. She also asked others to pray for the officer.

She wrote, “Officer Hutchins thank you for going beyond the call of your duty. You are definitely an Officer who protects and serve the citizens of Little Rock. Thank you.

“Please when you retire for the evening say a prayer for Officer Hutchins and all the officers in our city and surrounding areas.”

Netizens who saw the post were touched by the officer’s act of kindness. One wrote, “We have a lot of wonderful police officers who care and are helpful!”

Another wrote: “Every time I see a sheriff’s officer or a Corporal or a police officer here in Amarillo Texas I stop shake their hand and I pray over them and I thank them for who they are and what they are we need to thank our police officers more often.”

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