Cops visit family of 7—but when terminally ill mom sees what’s in their hands, she breaks down

Police officers brought some early Christmas surprises to brighten up the spirit of a south Los Angeles household. The officers’ gifts, as well as kindness, offered the family some much-needed comfort, and warmth, in a time of distress.

Officers from Los Angeles Police Department turned up at Angelina Lopez’s house to deliver Christmas presents as part of “Operation Blue Christmas”—an initiative of the Los Angeles Police Protective.

Happy Holiday!” the officers told Lopez.

Upon seeing the officers with Christmas presents in their hands, Lopez began sobbing.

Lopez and her family of six received a visit from the officers for a heartwarming reason. Lopez, a 47-year-old mother, was diagnosed with cancer a couple of years back. Sadly, her condition deteriorated, and her cancer has spread fast to the other parts of her body.

The officers hoped the early celebration could alleviate some of the emotional pain that Lopez and her family have been going through.

“Yes, we’re police officers, but people forget that behind the badge, we do care,” Officer Rodriguez told CBS2 News.

“To have Christmas before Christmas, we want every day for her to be Christmas because we never know what tomorrow will bring,” said Sgt. Sandoz, vice president of the LAPPL.

Lopez came to know Officer Yesenia Rodriguez and Sgt. Jerretta Sandoz through the department’s youth crime prevention and community support program (LAPD Newton Division PALS). Lopez helped in the program by volunteering at the police station and cooking at events.

The officers’ kindness and gifts meant so much to Lopez, her husband, and four children, who have been trying to stay strong amid Lopez’s heart-wrenching battle with terminal cancer.

Lopez’s young children were smiling as they unwrapped the gifts, which included school bags, and toys.

And 18-year-old Maritza, who took over the role of mom following Lopez’s cancer diagnosis, told the officers she’ll always remember the memories of this Christmas.

“It gets me because, for so long, my mom was always there for us, and now from one day to the next, she stopped doing what a mother is supposed to be doing,” said a teary Maritza.

As the officers quietly listened to Maritza speak, one officer was trying to hold back her tears.

“Through donations from members of the League, along with the public and private sectors, we will share our holiday spirit with families in L.A. who our officers have identified as being in great need this holiday season,” LAPPL wrote on their website.

“Please consider purchasing a $10-$20 gift and placing it in a donation drop box or making a monetary donation to make a positive impact in an L.A. family’s life.”

Watch the video:

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | The LAPPL.