Dad and daughter save train with 2,000 passengers from crashing

A father and daughter in northern Tripura, India, are being hailed as heroes after preventing a train from potentially crashing. The train, which was carrying around 2,000 passengers, was headed for an area of the tracks that had been severely damaged by a landslide, which could have easily caused the train to crash, but was warned in time thanks to the dad-and-daughter duo.

The father, Swapan Debbarma, 45, and his young daughter Somati were walking near the tracks and noticed the damaged section. When they spotted the train coming, though, they immediately leapt into action.

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Waving their shirts, they were able to alert the driver, who, fortunately, was able to stop the train in time, preventing what could have been a disaster.

“If we had not spotted the signal and stopped the train, it could have met with a severe accident,” said the train’s driver, Sonu Kumar Mandal.

After the incident, word quickly spread about the good deed that Debbarma and his daughter had done. And when Sudip Roy Barman, Tripura’s Health and Science and Tech Minister, learned of their heroics, he extended an invitation for them to visit his home.

“Had they not taken the risk in stopping the train, lives would’ve been lost,” said Barman. “When I came to know of this, I called them at my residence and had breakfast with them.” Then Barman decided that they should be repaid for their actions.

They were later brought before the Assembly as VIPs, and Barman announced to the chief minister Biplab Kumar Deb and the house that they should be paid in kind, adding that he would ask the central government and Railways Ministry to ensure that their good deed was rewarded.

Debbarma and his family, considered quite poor, have since been showered with assistance from various organizations and individuals. It was even suggested that the local train station be renamed in honor of him.


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