Dad hadn’t seen his mom in 8 years. Then on Christmas, he gets gift that leaves him in tears

This dad received the biggest surprise from his kids when he unwrapped their gift to him. His epic reaction together with the wonderful Christmas spirit present in the scene, all caught on video, has touched the hearts of thousands on social media.

Anthony Morse posted a video of his dad getting a special Christmas gift from his children. Anthony’s mother was in a bad state of health, and as we can read on his tweet, they didn’t think she had much time left. So, his children, knowing that their dad hadn’t seen her in eight years, bought him plane tickets so they could reunite at last.

We can only imagine how emotional this moment had to be for Anthony’s dad. As we see him opening the box, he says, “Oh my God,” and then he breaks down in tears. His children then tell him, “Merry Christmas dad!”

There are standard gifts, and then there are gifts like this one, which mean that much more. Such gifts are special, since they are that silver lining of every cloud; and they are so dear to someone’s heart that perhaps only a loved one can really give such a gift. And that is part of what makes the Christmas spirit what it is.

A nice update from Anthony tells how much happiness this gift brought his dad:

If you would like to witness this special moment, please check out the video for yourself:

Photo Credit: Twitter Video Screenshot | Anthony.

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