Dozens go to Waffle House after church. When waitress collects the bill—’are you kidding us?’

The holiday season is a busy time for many of us. We mainly think about our family and friends, and focus on giving gifts to them. But what happens when your local church minister challenges his congregation to go one step further?

Reverend Whistler from the Grand Lake United Methodist Church in Celina, Ohio, encouraged his congregation in the weeks leading up to Christmas to set aside any spare cash, and together they would donate the total to an unsuspecting group of workers.

“We are gonna rock their world,” Reverend Whistler told the congregation, according to Fox 8.

So they did just that, and together piled together $3,577, as per a video uploaded by Inside Edition.

After attending church on Christmas Eve, a group of them went to Waffle House in Wapakoneta for a meal, and then when it came time to tip, they gave the saved money to the five women working as servers there.

The workers just couldn’t believe what they were seeing and hearing.

There was laughter and tears from the women. The big tip meant they would receive around $700 each, which could make a huge difference to someone struggling to pay bills and provide for their family.

“Are you kidding us?” exclaimed one server after receiving the money.

Perhaps the waiters will pay it forward to make a difference to others, all it takes is to consider others before ourselves to change the world around us.

There are many ways we can help our fellow man, such as an anonymous donation, volunteering, visiting lonely old folk in a home, the list goes on. We don’t need to restrict our kind hearts just to the holiday season; go one step further and keep a kind heart all year round!

Watch the workers’ reaction here:

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | Inside Edition.

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