Drivers terrified to see pig ‘fly’ out of slaughterhouse truck. Then they quickly pull over

Wombat the pig must have premised the grim fate that awaited her had she remained in the transport truck. Thus, in a bid to escape the slaughterhouse, the little piggy made a daring jump that shocked motorists. Amazingly, her flight to freedom has completely turned her life around.

One day, a truck on its way to the slaughterhouse was hurtling down a highway in Western Australia. Seemingly terrified by what was about to happen, Wombat, a 4-month-old pig, decided to flee for her life.

Wombat, packed alongside other pigs, made a reckless escape by squeezing through the slats and jumping off the moving truck. She ended up tumbling and rolling onto the road.

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Motorists driving behind the truck were shocked to see the flying pig and immediately pulled over to check on the little creature. To their surprise, the little pig was still alive!

Lucky Wombat was then taken to Mandurah Wildlife Rescue, a veterinary hospital and rehabilitation center, by a good Samaritan.

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Wombat’s leap of faith caused her some serious injuries, however. The poor pig sustained a fractured snout and eye socket, as well as severe internal bleeding. No one knew if she would pull through the night.

Miraculously, Wombat survived, and she gradually recovered over the course of two months.

Not only did she escape death, she also found herself a forever home at Greener Pastures Sanctuary. She weighed only 6 pounds (approx. 3 kg) when she first came to the rescue center, but she tipped the scales at 88 pounds (approx. 40 kg) by the time she arrived at the sanctuary.

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Although Wombat still has a crooked snout and jaw and a scar on her chin, she is a happy pig who lives an amazing life. At the sanctuary, she spends her days wallowing in mud, playing and having fun.

She has also found a best friend at the sanctuary: a “mini pig” named Freckle, who was starved by her previous owner to stunt her growth.

“They’re inseparable,” Rachael Parker, the founder of Greener Pastures Sanctuary, told The Dodo.

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“She is our go-to piggy when we have kids, elderly people or people with disabilities come to visit. She loves a belly rub and will come waddling over to whoever enters her paddock and will flop down onto her side asking for one. She often lies down and my kids will lay on her cuddling and kissing her for ages. She would lay there all day I think!” Parker said.

“My favorite thing about her is her wonky nose and the way her tongue flops out when she sleeps,” she added.

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Wombat is the “sweetest, most gentle pig you could hope to meet,” according to Parker. Indeed, it is certainly our pleasure to have learned the story of this brave pig’s fearless flight to freedom, which gave her a second chance at life!

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