Duck got electrocuted while trying to save ‘best friend’ monkey’s life, sadly both died

This duck saw his best friend in danger and went up to lend a hand, not knowing the danger that lay ahead. Sadly, both of them died from electrocution.

According to a Facebook post from MY Youth Animal Rights and Welfare, a monkey was playing around when it came into contact with a live wire that was carelessly left on the ground. He touched it and was electrocuted. He screamed in pain and could not let go of the wire.

©Facebook | MY Youth Animal Rights and Welfare

The duck could not bear to watch its best friend in pain and tried to help, only to be electrocuted while trying to remove the wire from the monkey. Both of them died in the process.

©Facebook | MY Youth Animal Rights and Welfare

The duck and the monkey had always stuck together since they were born, and, sadly, died together. The loving and grieved owner broke down with the dual loss of pets, when he saw their bodies.

©Facebook | MY Youth Animal Rights and Welfare

Many netizens were saddened by the story, but admire the friendship that the two animals shared till the end.