Eternal love: Elderly couple holds hands during Hurricane Florence evacuation

More than a million people across South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia have been urgently told to evacuate their homes before a viciously swirling Hurricane Florence hits the region.

Those heeding the announcement to flee include nursing homes, which are rushing to move the elderly and vulnerable.

An elderly couple staying in a South Carolina coastal nursing home, in particular, has warmed the hearts of many people for their beautiful gestures of love amid Hurricane Florence evacuations.

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In a touching photo shared on the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control’s Facebook page, the elderly couple are seen holding hands in the back of an ambulance while they’re being transported to another facility by EMS crew in Beaufort County.

“DHEC received this photo of an elderly couple being evacuated by an #EMS crew from a coastal nursing home,” SC DHEC wrote. “We are grateful for the incredible crews still assisting with safe medical evacuations.”

The post has since received over 2,700 reactions, with many social media users marveling at the couple’s love.

“In times of trials and difficulty all we have is EACH OTHER! God Bless and Be Safe!” one wrote.

Another commented, “In a heartbeat I love them already.”

“Beautiful picture of dedication…of emergency preparedness staff, of evacuation crews and of this couple for the enduring commitment they have for each other,” wrote another. “THIS is what LOVE looks like. God please keep them all safe.”

Indeed, how precious their love is. They show us true love can weather any storm.

As of Thursday, 9 a.m., more than 2,200 people have been evacuated from the 113 health care facilities located along South Carolina’s coast, SC DHEC updated.

Thank you to the emergency workers for taking care of the sick and elderly in the wake of Hurricane Florence.

Everyone in the storm’s path: Please be prepared and stay safe.

Watch the video:

Couple of 62 years never left each other’s side—even on deathbed, they passed holding hands