Faithful K9 takes bullet for handler during dangerous shootout. Thankfully he’s on all four paws again

This isn’t your average dog—he’s an expert bomb-sniffing, patrol, and street crime dog, and has even protected Donald Trump during his visits to Florida in the past. Several months ago, the courageous canine got himself in a spot of trouble after taking a bullet for his handler during a gunfire exchange in Florida. The good news is, he’s on all four paws again.

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Deputies from the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office responded to a call at 4 a.m. concerning a robbery at Duggans Pub.

The armed suspect, Phillip O’Shea, 46, who fled at the sight of the deputies, was already wanted for robbing a North Carolina motel at gunpoint on a previous occasion. With the use of some “investigative techniques,” the deputies traced O’Shea to the town of Jupiter.

A dangerous shootout then took place off Okeechobee Boulevard after the deputies attempted to apprehend the shooter.

O’Shea had crashed his vehicle and then retaliated by firing shots at the deputies, according to CBS affiliate WPEC. The deputies exchanged gunfire with O’Shea in self-defense. That is when K9 Casper took a bullet that was meant for his handler, Cpl. John Sylvester.

The shooter, O’Shea, who has an extensive criminal history, was shot and later died on Friday evening.

“This very dangerous individual is off the streets,” announced Sheriff Bradshaw.

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Cpl. Sylvester, who was saved by Casper, recalled the moment when he found his loyal K9 had been hit.

“I was a little upset. A little rage, but I kept my composure and got him in the car and took him to the vet,” said Sylvester. “We were checking everybody to make sure they were okay. We checked him and saw that there was a little blood coming out of his leg and then found the bullet hole.”

©Facebook Video Screenshot | PBSO – Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office
©Facebook Video Screenshot | PBSO – Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

Casper underwent surgery at Palm Beach Veterinary Specialists to remove the bullet from his left hip, which had fortunately missed his vital organs.

After the bullet was removed, Casper has been on the mend.

“He’s on antibiotics and is walking fairly well, all things considered,” said Michele Tucker, the veterinary center’s managing director.

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What a loyal and fearless canine! It’s such a relief that Casper is on all four paws again!

Watch Casper on his way out from the vet here: