Farmers puzzled why rooster won’t return to coop—then one night, they learn the sad reason why

Unlike other chickens on the farm, this partially blind and deaf rooster wouldn’t return to the safety of his warm coop each night. The puzzled farmers didn’t know the reason why, until one day when they placed him inside, the lonely rooster nearly lost his life. In spite of that, this rooster’s tale has an incredibly sweet ending.

Poodle Roo is a unique rooster who resides at Apricot Lane Farms in Moorpark, California.

With his white, frizzled feathers, Poodle Roo easily stands out amongst the rest of the chickens in the coop. But, what puzzled the farmers was his peculiar behavior.

Every day as night falls, the farmers would search the fields for signs of Poodle Roo after he would routinely escape from the coop.

Strangely, the farmers would find Poodle Roo resting alone in the middle of the open farm fields, despite the risk of being captured by his predators.

“Roosters are meant to be the confident protectors of the flock, but no rooster is a match for what lurks at night,” said farm owner John Chester, according to HuffPost.

The farmers then put in place a separate space for Poodle Roo in the barn, but they kept wondering why did he refuse to return to the safety of the warm coop?

So, one night a few months later, the farmers returned Poodle Roo back to the coop, while the other chickens were roosting.

On that night, the farmers finally found out the heartbreaking reason why Poodle Roo refused to sleep in the chicken coop.

To their horror, the poor rooster was brutally attacked by the rest of the brood. He was covered in blood when they saw him.

Poodle Roo lost so much blood that he almost died. The farmers regretted their decision and prayed that he would survive.

It was during Poodle Roo’s healing process that they discovered the rooster was partially blind and deaf.

Fortunately, against all odds, Poodle Roo recovered incredibly fast.

Knowing Poodle Roo could never go back in the coop to stay with the other roosters, the farmers placed him in the barn, where other animals would stay during their short period of illnesses or injuries.

Having been through much suffering himself, Poodle Roo knows what it’s like to be lonely and sick.

Hence, the warmhearted rooster went above and beyond for the sick animals. For instance, he would remain close by them, for “every limping step.” He even befriended a lonely barn cat.

“He would show them all the hot spots, like the hay barn to feed on the dropped seeds, or the compost trailer for food scraps,” Chester said.

Eventually, Poodle Roo found his new calling—he became the barn nurse on Apricot Lane Farms!

Way to go, Poodle Roo! You’re such a special rooster with a heart of kindness.

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Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | OWN.

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