For 4 years, she had no idea her restaurant housed secrets—then she finds letter after letter

Amy Morton opened a restaurant in Chicago, Illinois, four years ago. But for the entire four years, she was not aware of her restaurant’s romantic hidden secrets. Despite her not knowing, her servers and many of her customers were well aware of this.

That all changed one day when Morton and her business partner, Stefen Bosworth, decided to move one round wooden table to another location in the restaurant. While they were moving it, a drawer slipped open, and what was exposed then and there were a stash of letters.

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Morton was stunned by what she saw in the drawer. “One day we were moving our great little tables, and a drawer opened up … and in it were some amazing letters,” she said.

She and her managing partner, Bosworth, had no idea about it at all.

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“It really happened organically, people just started doing it. We didn’t even know at first,” said Bosworth.

“The servers knew long before us and we actually have two different tables that have these secret drawers,” Morton said in the video, posted on Feb. 16, 2017. “It’s really magical.”

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Many love notes had been slipped into the wooden tables’ drawers, and judging by the dates on some of them, the tradition has been ongoing.

“Happy Birthday Wendy Lou,” one note, dated Oct. 25, 2016, reads. “Life is like the ocean, Love is the wind in our sails.”

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“Great way to spend the evening with marriage license in hand–wedding in 17 days!” a happy couple wrote. One can feel the happiness expressed in the note. “Woooohooooo!! Love is love. Love is all around.”

There are also sad notes. “The moment I kissed you for the first time I knew that you were it for me. I loved you then in ’08 and I love you now in 2014,” reads one of them. “I’ll never love another, you’re the one for me always and forever, even now when you’re gone.”

The ceiling of the restaurant, designed by Resa Pawlan, both a customer and an artist, was dotted with philosophical quotes written in all sorts of different colors.

Morton’s favorite is one that reads, “If we’re together and healthy, nothing else really matters,” which is a quote from her father.

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Morton hopes that the restaurant can still carry on this romantic tradition. The love expressed in the notes is touching. “Too often Valentine’s Day becomes commercialized,” she said. “There is nothing more real than finding these notes that I think people put in there never expecting anyone else to see.”

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