Girl sprints toward hoop during basketball game. After she looks up—she runs off the court

Though serving the country is a rewarding job in itself, having to live apart from the family for extended periods can be difficult for officers and their loved ones.

An officer from Keller, Texas, decided to surprise his children with a surprise visit after being away for seven long months.

U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Jeremy Freeman had met his wife, April, both of whom are almost 40, at high school. The sweethearts married soon after graduation, and have been together ever since.

They have had two girls and a boy together, all of whom love their father dearly.

Being in the navy means Jeremy has to live apart from his family. So, he decided to pay his children a surprise visit over Thanksgiving in 2016.

The military father first surprised his younger daughter Makenzie, who was 13 at the time, during her basketball match.

Running down the basketball court, Makenzie was at first in the middle of a game when she saw her father on the sidelines at the far end of the court. During game time, she sprinted off court for a tight embrace.

“She really got me, her reaction,” said April, on Makenzie’s reaction. “Just seeing them together made me happy.”

Next was Jeremy’s older daughter, Lauryn, 16, who was taking part in a ceremony at high school. Jeremy’s son, Stanley, 10, was with Lauryn, as he was told to attend. Unbeknownst to the siblings, Dad was on his way.

On the sergeant’s entrance, both kids come running down the steps inside the stadium to greet him. Lauryn, in tears of joy, can hardly contain her emotions as she grabs hold of her father, not wanting to let go.

“They had no idea,” commented April. “They’re so happy.”

This was the military father’s second deployment, before his retirement from the air force a year later.

It’s time to be with your family, sir. Thank you for your service.

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Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | CBSDFW.

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