Grandma with failing eyesight told of ‘turtle’ in driveway, but finds something totally unexpected

This family decided to have some fun by telling the grandmother to go check out a giant reptile that had landed in their driveway. Grandma’s eyesight was failing so she struggled and strained her eyes to see the “turtle.”

Jeanette Menard, 73, suffers from glaucoma, so she is unable to see too well.

In the Titusville home where she stays with her daughter, she was told to go outside to have a look at the reptile in the driveway, unaware of the surprise in store for her.

But there was no reptile; instead, it was her favorite grandson, Nathan Lebrum, a Marine corporal serving in Japan, who had returned home after two years.

Though he was standing only a couple of feet away from her, she couldn’t identify him.

“We had told her there was a big turtle. She was looking for the turtle, and it took her a minute or so to recognize me,” Lebrum told

“Can you not see nothing?” he asked her, standing right before her.

 When she finally did realize that it was him, she cried out and hugged him.

“She just screamed. She didn’t really say much. She just thanked God,” Lebrum recalled.

Lebrum’s mom, Christine Foltyn, had secretly gone out at 4 a.m. to pick up her son and didn’t tell his grandmother about it. Foltyn had wanted to surprise her mom.

Recalling her mom’s action, Foltyn said, “She was shocked and happy.”

Watch grandma’s sweet reaction below:

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | USA Today.