This man foresaw Trump as President in a profound out-of-body experience, in 2013

By November 2016, the vast majority of media outlets across the United States reported with certitude that Hillary Clinton was almost guaranteed to become America’s next president. But one man, who claims he saw the election results way back in 2013, was not fooled by the media’s rhetoric.

A middle-aged man called Sean, surname omitted, claims he was under general anesthetic during an operation in Hong Kong in 2013 when his soul left his body and entered a “time tunnel.”

Sean (©Zhao Mixue)

Somehow, he was shown the last 1,000 years of human civilization, in addition to what has yet to transpire in the near future. At the time, three years before the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, Sean saw who would win the presidency.

“The universe has chosen a person who is not a politician, but a businessman,” Sean recalls of his out-of-body experience in a private interview in October 2016, which was later removed after being uploaded to the web.

©Wikipedia | Rad el Baluvar

Still, his interview was picked up three days later by Hong Kong Epoch Times. Thus, the following quotes are a translation back to English, and don’t accurately represent his original words.

“Hillary Clinton sells information and military-related American technology to the Chinese Communist Party,” Sean said. “She does this because her heart is very corrupt. Everything she cares about is money and power.”

This comes as no surprise, for the world knew that Hillary’s husband, Bill Clinton, had sold advanced U.S. missile technology, including supercomputers that were originally banned from export, to China in the late 90s after agreeing on a highly questionable deal with then Communist Party Chief Jiang Zemin.

Disgraced former CCP dictator Jiang (©Getty Images | Feng Li )

It was extremely controversial that Clinton would do a deal with the notorious Chinese dictator, given that Jiang, who was known to have directed tanks to run over student protestors on Tiananmen Square in 1989, had also given the order to “eliminate” China’s 100 million Falun Gong practitioners, and forcibly harvest their organs in the process—a slow-motion, state-sanctioned genocide that still takes place to this day, with much evidence presented here.

“The United States is very confused,” Sean continues. “Donald Trump’s spirit is very clear, he wants to change the status quo, get rid of corruption, and uphold goodness. He is doing it with sincerity and telling the people the truth, although this is not what you want to hear or believe. He will try his best to do the right thing. He is protected. God will protect him.”

Details of Sean’s surrounds, and who he was in contact with as he was in this time tunnel, are uncertain.

He goes on to say he begged the being in heaven whom was in communication with him to allow him to stay there, but received the following response:

“For some reason you have to go back, you have to go back to awaken people’s spirits and tell them that they can’t consider material possessions and money as everything.

“You need to find the group of qualified people who are able to connect with the Creator in body, mind, and faith—this group are currently saving people on earth. You need to cooperate with them on this undertaking.”

©Getty Images | Yuri_Arcurs

Sean was encouraged by the reporter a month before the election to tell his story, an act of courage, given that whilst there will be those who believe his story, there will also be those who disbelieve. Nevertheless, he agreed to the interview in good faith.

Interestingly, Sean mentions he was told of Trump’s mission to rid corruption from the world. One wonders if the 45,468 sealed indictments, which were recently revealed to the public, are prepared for a mass-arrest and anti-corruption move soon to come.

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