Heartbreaking moment: park ranger comforts gorilla who just lost his mother

It is a heartwrenching sight to see a child cry when its mother has died. Like humans, animals have feelings too and their sadness is clearly visible on their faces.

A photographer took an emotional photo of a young gorilla in Virunga National Park experiencing a terrible loss. It had lost its mother to the poachers.

As it sat on a tree branch, a park ranger, Patrick Karabaranga, was by its side, putting an arm around it as he quietly comforted the gorilla. The expression on the ranger’s face says it all. He was as depressed as the gorilla. The gorilla could feel his sympathy and places its hand on the ranger’s leg to show his appreciation.

Credit: Phil Moore/AFP/Getty Images

The young gorilla and two other orphans were taken into the park after their parents were killed. The park located in the Democratic Republic of Congo is home to over 200 mountain gorilla which is about a quarter of the world’s gorilla population.

Watch the video to learn more: