Man finds homeless guy sleeping outside home—when asked to leave, he suddenly says ‘thank you’

After purchasing a new investment home, an Oregon man was surprised to find a homeless person already living on the porch, and so the owner kindly asked him to leave. Without complaint, he left, but then, on seeing him go, the home owner suddenly had a change of heart.

James Eppler, 28, has been homeless since the age of 16 due to a family situation, and he, along with a friend, had been sleeping on the porch of that vacant house in Portland for some time. They had been taking refuge from the rain and had been huddling up there with sleeping bags and blankets.

Chris Crever bought the house as a property investment, and he discovered that James and his friend had set up camp there. “In the back of the house there was sleeping bags, wet blankets, things like that,” Crever told KOIN.

He asked them politely to leave and was impressed by Eppler’s reply. Crever recounted how the homeless man reacted, “He understood, wasn’t bitter about it and thanked me as I walked away.

“Before I got in my car, I’m thinking, ‘What did he thank me for? I just asked him to leave what he would consider his home,’” he added.

Crever thought about it and then decided to make Eppler an offer: “Meet me here Monday morning at 8:30,” Crever said, “and help me clean up the property.” It was a job offer.

Happy to be working, Eppler turned up for work at 7:45 a.m. the following Monday, and when Crever saw how wet he was from sleeping under a bridge, the home owner offered him temporary accommodation in the house and a place close by to shower.

“It’s humiliating not being able to shower,” Eppler said. “We always hope for something, you know, a little help, not necessarily money.”

The project gave Eppler a reason to wake up each day and led to something more to look forward to.

“To have this around Christmas time … I was raised with Christmas every year, it was a huge thing,” Eppler said. “It’s almost like God smiling down.”

Eppler helped to bring the house back to life and, at the same time, this became a stepping stone toward turning his own life around.

Crever has since helped Eppler to find a permanent job, and Eppler is very grateful for all the support he’s received. Crever also hopes that by sharing this story he might inspire others to help someone needy, especially as it is around Christmas time. “It makes me feel good, but it’s not about me,” he said.

Check out the heartwarming story in this video:

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | KOIN6.

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