If someone flashes high beams at you like this—quickly lock your car doors & call cops ASAP

A woman in South Carolina posted a warning on Facebook, letting everyone know to be careful if someone turns on their high beams at you in a parking lot. Despite her good intentions, some people doubted the credibility of the story. Later, the police stepped in to confirm the incident, and here’s why you too should be wary.

In December 2017, a Facebook post went viral after a Rock Hill woman shared how her friend was left terribly shaken after surviving a dangerous situation at a parking lot when she was alone.

The woman’s friend was sitting in her car at a Walmart parking lot in Newport one evening when two men pulled up directly in front of her car. They turned on their high beams in her face, jumped out of their vehicle, and attempted to open her car doors.

“Someone turned on their high beams and she looked up and she can’t really see anything,” the victim’s friend told NBC Charlotte.

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“And then of a sudden, she heard two men on both sides of her car, the passenger and the driver side. As she was pulling away they were still trying to get in her car they were wearing hoodies and they had the hoodie part down past their eyes. Thankfully she locked her doors. It was just too close to home and I wanted people to be aware.”

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“Who knows what would’ve happened if they had gotten her car and she didn’t lock the doors?” the woman added.

The victim was so shaken and frightened that she left the state to be with her family.

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After the Facebook post went viral, many social media users labeled the incident a hoax, or fake news.

Mark Bollinger, the public information officer of the Rock Hill Police Department, said that the victim decided not to contact the police.

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When the Facebook post went viral, Rock Hill South Carolina Police Department wrote on their Facebook page to appeal for the poster to come forward.

After an investigation, the police confirmed that the incident actually happened and that they would get in touch with Walmart to try and identify the car.

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“It could’ve been someone trying to entice her to get out of the car,” Bollinger said.

“If you ever feel like you’re in an unsafe situation, don’t think you’re bothering us,” Bollinger urged the public. “That’s what we’re here for, we’re here to help.”

If someone tries to entice you to get out of your car, Bollinger advised to “stay in your car and call us or leave that spot.”

“If the car starts to follow you, go to the nearest police agency,” he added.

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