If you’re looking to learn self-defense, these effective survival tips could save your life

With more than 20 years in the field of private security and close protection, Mastro Defence System founder Fred Mastro is a certified defense specialist. In this video, you’ll see him demonstrate his techniques to his students.

Violence must be avoided at all costs, but there may come a day where you’re cornered and the only option is to defend yourself.

Fred’s Mastro Defence System is a “no-nonsense self-defense system” suited for such encounters. It boasts useful and practical techniques for hand-to-hand combat, knife defense techniques, and improvised weaponry. Fred has trained armed forces, and he provides close protection to heads of state as certified by the Belgium government.

Fred is one of the best men suited to provide invaluable self-defense skills.

Keep in mind that this is all for the purpose of protecting one’s self. Only use the techniques that you pick up from Fred’s videos when the situation calls for it.

Watch him and his students in action in this video.

Video Credit: Facebook | Alltime10s.

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