Creepy photo of crab making home in unusual place goes viral, sends important message to world

Littering and pollution in the sea is an ongoing concern for environmentalists especially when reports of animals dying or being hurt make the news. However, not many people would think about how polluted the ocean is until such photos appear on the news or Internet, like this photo of a hermit crab.

In September, a creepy photo of a hermit crab with a doll’s head surfaced on the Internet. The picture, which was believed to have been taken on Henderson Island, in the Pitcairn Islands in the Pacific Ocean, featured the crab using the doll’s head as a home. The head resembles Babyface, a Toy Story character.

With the similarities of the doll’s head and Toy Story character, one social media user wrote, “Toy Story is REAL!!!”

Thought to be a small coconut crab, when social media users saw the photo, some raised the issue of littering and pollution, which are a cause for concern in the marine world, and how the photographer of the photo is trying to communicate this fact through to people.

via Pixar Wiki

One wrote, “I saw this on twitter, the biologist who took the picture was making a point about marine litter.”

“This is actually pretty sad on top of creepy, since things like this is usually a result of a lack of available shells for the crabs, which they need. Don’t collect shells with internal parts from beach areas. Crabs need them,” another person wrote.

An eye opener in terms of how much plastic pollutes the ocean!