Italian chef makes 200 pizzas for first responders after London terrorist attack

In the wake of the Parsons Green terror attack in London, news of kindhearted Londoners offering help to people in need are making the news, just like this Italian chef, who’s going out of his way to make 200 pizzas for all the first responders.

Teo Catino, owner of Il Pagaliaccio restaurant, and his family were evacuated after the attack as their home was close to the Tube station. Speaking to the Metro, he said: “I have owned a business and lived in Parsons Green for the past 25 years. My wife and daughter should have been on the tube this morning going to school.”

“Luckily they are on the bus coming back from France today so they are safe but my sons are both a little shaken.”

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After the attack, Catino decided to help emergency service workers by making 200 pizzas and distributing them for free to police officers, firefighters, and NHS staff. One of his co-workers helps to bring the pizzas from their restaurant to a makeshift stall at the bottom of Parsons Greens using his skateboard.

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“I love helping out with the community. No one remembers what the police, firefighters, and nurses do daily—but I do. I came here to thank them for their hard work,” Catino told The Sun Online.

“This is perfect. We have a team here who have been here since 8 am and we won’t leave until about 8 pm,” a nurse at the scene said to Metro of Catino’s actions.

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Hayber Cars, a taxi company, has been chipping in to help too, by offering free rides to stranded commuters after the blast.

A spokesman for the company told The Sun Online that they had called their drivers back to cope with the number of stranded commuters.

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“Nobody can move. All our drivers are out. We’ve called people back into work who were out on the roads at 2 am this morning. We’re offering free rides across the capital to help people out,” the spokesman said.

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