Lady saves near-death kitten and turns it into an adorable blue-eyed mischievous fur ball

When life dealt this creature a mighty blow and mama did not return to her newborn babies, all this little one could do was hold on and hope that someone would discover him.

Claudia Branco heard faint cries of distress coming from outdoors. She carefully followed the sound to a hole in the ground. When she looked down, she saw three newborn kittens.

Two of the three were not moving; they had died.

“The mama cat was not around, and never came back,” Monica Varriano, a friend of Claudia’s, told Love Meow.

©Facebook | Cláudia Branco

He was only one day old and his eyes were still closed. Claudia took the kitten to the vet and found that it was a boy, so she named him Fred.

“Fred barely survived from hypothermia,” Monica added.

It was practically a sleepless first night for Claudia—she kept watch over Fred and fed him frequently in regular intervals and made sure that he was still breathing.

©Facebook | Cláudia Branco

Her whole family got involved in caring tenderly for little Fred. They took turns feeding him and doted on him no end. After many a sleepless night with Fred’s life hanging by a thread, the lucky kitten suddenly made a breakthrough.

©Facebook | Cláudia Branco

One bright morning, the family were woken by the fully recovered cute blue-eyed kitten, who looked like he had many a mischievous trick up his sleeve…

Fred’s purring was just too adorable for words. He began exploring his surroundings and being just totally magical. He had a big love for Claudia and followed her around the house.

Fred is now Claudia’s ICT instant cuddle therapist (ICT) and makes sure that she doesn’t get internet overload!

One year after the rescue, a jolly tea party with special cake was held to celebrate the day that wishes were made—they all came true!

Fred has grown to become a beautiful cat with his soft darkish fur and blue eyes. He did not have a mom but has found hope in life with his human “mom” and even has a new brother!

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