AGT judges give 4 ‘X’s’ to ‘Larry the Mime’—but instead of leaving, he dashes toward them

The judges on “America’s Got Talent” had an inkling of what was to come when Larry the Mime “rope-pulled” his way onto the stage, but they, nevertheless, tried to make the most of an uncomfortable situation. Dispensing with the formalities, as the mime refused to talk, they endured the “trapped in a box” routine and other gimmicks before promptly “X-ing” him… Little did they know, things were about to get rowdy!

Mimes, as we may all know, are those most-annoying performers who refuse to talk and require us to constantly guess what they are up to. Larry, nevertheless, decided to put his mime skills to the test on “AGT”; little did the judges know, they themselves were going to feel the brunt of this performance, and in more ways than one!

“Hello,” Judge Howard Stern began. Larry just waved obnoxiously. It was clear things were off to a rocky start. “This is going to go well,” Stern breathed. “I have to say, my favorite thing is to interview a mime!”

Rather than get caught up in a lengthy, awkward introduction, Stern said, “I tell you what, let’s see your mime; how’s that?” Larry gave a nod and a thumbs-up.

Unfortunately, things didn’t improve much from there. Despite a few initial laughs, the novelty wore thin fast, very fast, and soon, Larry was in real trouble. Two “X’s” from both Judge Howie and Mel B were soon followed by Judge Stern and Heidi last of all. Then a stagehand ran out and gave Larry a microphone. Everyone laughed. “That’s the best part of the whole act!” exclaimed Judge Heidi.

… And that’s when things got ugly …

“Walking against the wind and being trapped in an imaginary box isn’t going to dazzle an audience to give you 1 million dollars,” Howie stated bluntly. Larry gazed sadly at the judges as he heard the verdict.

Stern wrapped it up: “I’m sorry, it’s four ‘nos’ but thanks for performing for us.”

Then, it was Larry’s turn to speak.

“Where do you guys get off telling me how to mime?!” he clamored.

Things were getting edgy. The audience squealed and “booed,” and Howie raised a finger. “Do you know how hard it is to not talk?” Larry asked Stern. “No you don’t, cause all you do is you run your mouth, Howard!” Stern’s mouth gaped.

The judges could hardly believe what they were hearing as Larry screamed at the audience, “Boo yourself!” He then proceeded to insult the rest of the panel before starting towards the judge’s table to their dismay.

“Whoa, whoa, security!” Howie stammered before jumping up, unnerved. Larry threw down his wig and got right up to the table … then, Mel B caught the gag! “It’s you!” She pointed and laughed.

“Ahh, Nick!” shouted Howie. It was Nick Cannon, long-time former host of “AGT.”

The whole thing had been a prank from start to finish. “I gotcha!” said Nick. He had the audience and the judges going all the while.

“That was beautiful,” said Stern. “You had me!”

Check out this epic “AGT” prank in the video:

Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot | America’s Got Talent.