Let’s play a game! Pick a number and it will reveal a lot about your personality and thinking!

No individual can think on similar grounds when they face a situation and their varied opinions reveal a lot about their personality! At times riddles or pictures pave way for a debate to understand the type of character you are and here is an image that shows 4 men and their actions. The take you derive out of this picture is a part of what your personality is about!

Analyse the picture below and pick a number. Once you pick a number, read below to know the kind of person you are!

Credits: Reddit

Number 1

If you choose the man numbered 1, you are the kind who easily gives up and accepts the terms in a situation. You don’t wish to influence or argue for any sort of issues. Your behaviour is very calm and peaceful. However, keeping these negatives aside you are an honest person!

 Number 2

If you choose the man in red then you are a very stubborn person and you tend to make hasty decisions. You take no time to analyse any situation and jump to conclusions quicker!

Number 3

If you pick number 3 then you are an impulsive person who never leaves a chance to fight for yourself! In this situation, there is a definite possibility that you can succeed. Interestingly, you are business minded and your strategies will work!

Number 4

If you are the man in green then you are rebellious and at times wouldn’t hesitate to fight yourself to prove a point. Though these kinds of games stop you from thinking rationally, you are a born revolutionist!

Ultimately, if a number you picked portrayed many flaws in you, it is best to remain positive and work towards it! These kinds of games are made to bring out your real side!