Man live-tweets when he suspects 26 young girls are being trafficked and ends up saving them all

A man, traveling by train on the Muzaffarpur-Bandra Avadh Express noticed something odd on his ride and, by trusting his gut feeling, saved 26 young girls who were being trafficked.

Ardash Shrivastava noticed the girls crying and behaving in a distressed manner and quickly put two and two together and realized that they very well may be victims of human trafficking.

Thinking quick, he opened a twitter account and, for his first tweet, sent out a plea for help for the girls and broadcast their location.

It was not long before authorities moved in and rescued the girls from the traffickers.

The Government Railway Police quickly moved in and retrieved the girls.

Shrivastava is being hailed as a hero. His actions have many calling for him to be officially recognized by the Indian government.  

Shrivastava live-tweeted the girl’s ordeal attracting significant attention from many people and the fear is that he may have attracted the attention of the traffickers as well. He was advised to keep his identity secret by some Twitter users.

It is suspected that every year millions of children are trafficked across borders and within their own countries and the primary reason is for sexual exploitation.

The trafficking of these girls, in broad daylight, on a public train speaks to how bold traffickers have become and conscientious people like Shrivastava are needed to halt the atrocities.