Man thinks dog drowned when boat capsizes—then, volunteers find something floating in debris

One man went fishing with his beloved dog, when all of a sudden, the boat started to leak and then capsized. Fortunately, he was rescued in time … but his dog was nowhere to be seen. When rescuers pulled the boat in later, they were startled by what they found.

Fishing is a favorite pastime for many Australians who live by the sea. It’s a calm, relaxing, and enjoyable hobby that one can do practically all year round. So when Alfonse Attard decided to take his boat out in January 2016, he thought it was just another day.

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The 75-year-old fisherman goes fishing two or three times a week. He left that morning with his 18-year-old Jack Russell terrier—Jack.

It was around 6:30 a.m. and the pair had traveled a little over a half-mile from Altona Beach in Victoria when a leak occurred and the boat started to sink. It did not take long before the boat capsized.

This never happened to Alfonse before; all he could do was hang on for dear life to the capsized boat.

Fortunately for Alfonse, he didn’t need to wait long for a rescue. As luck would have it, Laurie Borg and his son Trevor saw Alfonse, and they quickly hopped in a boat to collect him. Alfonse boarded their boat and the three headed back to shore. It was then that Alfonse realized Jack was gone.

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In the chaotic moment of the boat sinking, Jack was left behind. Alfonse was devastated; his beloved companion seemed to be no more.

Altona Life Saving Club volunteers and the water police spent two hours pulling the wreckage back to shore. And then they discovered something at the front nose of the boat—it was Jack! The dog was alive and well.

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Everyone was surprised that the little Jack Russell managed to stay alive that whole time.

“There must have been an air pocket at the front,” Laurie Borg said.

Lucky he did find that air pocket and was able to keep swimming nonstop since the boat capsized.

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No one was happier to hear the news than Alfonse. When Jack was brought to Alfonse, the relieved fisherman started to cry and cry. Alfonse was so happy and grateful that Jack was still alive. He immediately gave him a tight embrace.

“He made me cry, I’ve had him for 18 years and I thought he was finished,” Alfonse told the Herald Sun. “Wherever I go, he goes with me.”

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And if you think this incident would scare Alfonse and Jack away from fishing ever again, you’re wrong. “Maybe I’ll go out tomorrow, in another boat,” Alfonse shared.

That’s the spirit! But perhaps a life jacket for both Alfonse and Jack wouldn’t go astray next time.

Watch the video here:

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