Math teacher receives sad news about son—then one day, his students’ gesture chokes him up

When a classroom of 12th-grade students from New Mexico learned that their math teacher had been going through some difficult times, they banded together to buy him an awesome gift.

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In early November, Nathan Neidigk, a pre-calculus teacher at Volcano Vista High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was faced with devastating news about his 2-year-old son, Michael, who was diagnosed with leukemia.

This news came as an additional shock after the passing of his wife when Michael was born.


Neidigk’s son has since been undergoing chemotherapy. The hospital visitations and medical bills have taken a toll on the father.

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Despite the adversities, Neidigk still comes to class with a smile on his face.

Speaking to KOB-TV, student Cory Dalton said: “Mr. Neidigk is, like, one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. He’s just a straight up good guy.”

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“I love his positive attitude he comes to school with,” student Nathan Gonzales told KRQE.

The students look up to Neidigk for his positivity. So, when they knew what their teacher had been going through, they pooled money together to give him a surprise.

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In a video filmed by student Kayla Yaksich, one boy handed Neidigk a large, wrapped present, and a giant card. The student told him, “We’re aware of your situation and we really want to help you out, so we all got together and we got you this.”

Taken completely by surprise, Neidigk read the heartfelt message written inside the card before opening the package.

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“Open it up,” the students urged.

As he unwrapped, Neidigk was visibly stunned when he saw what was inside. “How? Seriously? Oh my word,” he exclaimed.

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It was what he had hoped to have—a Nintendo Switch system!

Neidigk is an open teacher who always loves talking about his fun interests; hence, the students knew exactly what to get for him.

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“There’s more,” a student said.

He opened up another small, wrapped package, then two other packages, which contained two games and a case.

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The 12th-grade students each chipped in $20 to buy their teacher the awesome gifts.

To Neidigk, the gift felt like “a warm hug from everybody,” Neidigk said. “It choked me up.”

“I’m just incredibly overwhelmed with their generosity and support. It’s the guys and gals in my class that are the big reason that keeps me going during tough times,” he added.

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“It was really important for us to do this because we knew it would mean a lot to him,” said student Chad Sherwood, as reported by InsideEdition. “He’s had some unfortunate times recently and we all just really wanted to help him out.”

The students’ gesture was incredibly touching. It’s certainly something Neidigk will remember forever.

Watch the video:

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