Meet the ‘Little Ballerina’ of Bucharest—in these pictures she’s floating through your dreams!

“For me, ballet is dreaming on your feet and floating through your dreams,” says photographer Andrei Mihai. And this is what he wanted to express with this photo series titled “The little ballerina that showed her grace on the streets of Bucharest, Romania.”

Photographer Andrei Mihai started to work with ballerina Anca Berteanu when she was just a young girl, taking photographs of her talented ballet moves. They became determined to push the boundaries between reality and imagination.

After years of hard work, Anca was admitted to the prestigious Ecole Supérieure de Danse de Cannes-Mougins. Out of 30 top contestants, only 2 were accepted—Anca was one of them. To commemorate the grand occasion the pair created the photos of Anca floating over Bucharest, in Romania.

“Talk about making dreams come true. I am very proud of her and couldn’t be much happier. So, this one is for you, kiddo, congrats and always stay hungry, stay foolish,” the photographer says of Anca’s achievements.

Andrew told NTD Television, “The little ballerina project it’s not over. It will be done until she will be 18 y.o. it’s like a journey and I will try to capture important events of her life!” “The shooting with the levitation is like a metaphor: apparently, it’s impossible, but you can make your dreams come true if you’re working hard.”

Mihai’s latest work can be seen on his Facebook page.


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