Men think they’ve spotted a snake in water. But a closer look, it’s a chipmunk!

You never know what you’ll catch when out fishing! The guys in this video, who’ve picked a relaxing, scenic spot to cast their lines, spy a concerning presence in the water nearby.

“It’s a snake, dude,” says one of the guys.

What appears to be a snake, however, turns out to be something they least expect.

Actually, it’s an exhausted chipmunk swimming in the middle of the lake.

How much longer could it swim like that for?

Chipmunks are usually good swimmers, yet their size and any unfavorable conditions can spell trouble fairly easily.

These guys had to intervene for the sake of the little rodent.

For a “feel-good” ending, be sure to watch the video.

Video Credit: Facebook | JukinVideo.

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