[VIDEO] They’re having a ball! Mom-to-be amused by her unborn TWINS squirming in her HUGE Belly!

It’s a wondrous feeling when pregnant, one first feels life quicken—as time goes by, one starts feeling the tiny butterfly-like flutters—the movements of the baby become stronger and stronger, as it grows bigger day by day.

The video below, shot in Paraíba, Brazil, shows a pregnant woman relaxing in a chair and getting herself pampered. The warm soothing atmosphere of the salon and the lovely feeling of getting her hair washed is a sign to these twin babies that all is safe and sound, and that now is the right time to show mom some tricks!

The belly of mom is the babies world, and somersaults are really fun, so is practicing kicking, as this video shows.

This mother-to-be is being entertained by her twins’ playful behavior and shows her big baby bump to her friend who is filming the action. All the twists and turns reveal the sudden shifts of mom’s belly.

She isn’t even able to stay put on the chair!

What was surprising was that when another woman placed her hands near her belly, the twins moved towards her!

What a happening day for this mom-to-be! She may have been exhausted after all the squirming and wriggling, giggles and laughter of the morning!