Mom gives birth on street after hospital rejects her—now looking for strangers who helped her

Shortly after a mom in labor was turned away by the hospital, she gave birth on the streets with help from a number of strangers. A year later, she started looking for one of those strangers, who gave her a scarf.

On Dec. 22, 2016, Lizzie Hines from North London gave birth to her son, Louis, on the pavement in central London after the hospital refused to admit her because she wasn’t “far along enough.”

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“We went to UCH (University College London Hospital) but they told us to go home and come back later as I wasn’t far along enough. We checked in at a nearby hotel and then quickly tried to make it back to the hospital,” the 35-year-old told the Standard.

On her way back to the hospital with her husband accompanying her, Hines realized she wouldn’t make it back in time.

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“My husband thought we were sitting down for me to have one last contraction before he carried us, running, into the hospital. But I knew I was sitting down to have the baby. I just couldn’t speak at that point to tell him,” she recalled.

“I wasn’t thinking about the outside world, I was just focused on giving birth to my baby—which for us was the most all consuming and beautiful experience.”

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Many strangers stopped to help Hines when she gave birth, and one woman even took off her scarf to wrap little Louis after he came into the world. Hines was very grateful and wanted to thank this woman in person.

“I have no idea who the scarf owner is, the events are such a blur. But how wonderful that the first thing that wrapped up Louis’ little pink body, was clothing from a stranger wanting to keep him warm,” she said.

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So, Hines took to Facebook to share her story, hoping to find the woman.

She wrote, “To the person who gave away their scarf to a stranger on a cold day and wrapped up my sweet baby Louis, I’m wondering if I can find you?”

“I don’t remember getting up off the pavement, the cheers of strangers declaring it a ‘Christmas miracle!,’ the faces of the people, or who wrapped us up,” she added.

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Hines went on to praise the many Londoners who came to help. She wrote: “An amazing someone ran to get a wheelchair. Another amazing someone—an off-duty doctor (who first thought I was a noisy drunk) came through the crowd and declared Louis healthy.”

A day after the Facebook post went viral, the woman, 25-year-old Yasika Moorthy, was found, and she was reunited with Hines and baby Louis, but declined the scarf. “Louis kept my scarf, I wanted him to keep it as I think it has more sentimental value for him and Lizzie,” Moorthy said.

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Moorthy also described that the birth and reunion are a “Christmas miracle.”

Hines is still looking for the two other good Samaritans who helped; the off-duty doctor and the person who fetched a wheelchair for her.

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