Mom searches for hidden birthday present from family. When she finds the ‘gift,’ she screams

Birthdays are wonderful to celebrate, and turning half a century old calls for a bigger-than-usual celebration—and hopefully, receiving gifts just as grand. For this mom, her family prepared a wonderful surprise for her, perhaps too good, because she screamed and then cried her heart out.

Wendy Podpora was turning the big 5-0, and her husband and children all thought it would be fun for her to search for her birthday present this year.

They told Wendy she needed to be blindfolded so they could assemble the present. She agreed, naturally.

When they were ready, she went about the living room, where they were all gathered, looking for it, while her husband stood by recording the moment on camera.

She looked around the room and had no idea what it could be. When she asked for some hot and cold tips, her husband casually replied, “it will become obvious.”

“All right,” Wendy said as she continued circling around the room. She looked left, and she looked right; she glanced up and down, and still she saw nothing.

Wendy made a full circle and wound up back near her husband and then glanced into the dining room. Then, she saw it. And she suddenly screamed loudly, “Oh my God! Oh my God!”

Her daughter, who was sitting on the sofa, jumped up to see what it was. When she did, her jaw dropped in surprise as well.

Both mother and daughter rushed over to hug Logan, Wendy’s son, whom she had thought couldn’t make it.

Logan finished Navy boot camp and had told his mother he wouldn’t make it back home for her birthday; but in fact, he did get permission to leave. Logan, and Wendy’s husband, John, wanted it to be a surprise for her.

The night prior, John had told his other sons about Logan and the next day went to the airport to pick him up. Logan had to hide in the garage until the moment of the birthday party surprise.

After a very long and tearful hug, Wendy lovingly teased him, “What are you doing here? I’m not ready for you! Your sheets are dirty!”

What a typical mom statement to make!

John shared the wonderful moment on the Love What Matters Facebook page, and it garnered thousands of reactions and hundreds of comments. Here are just a few:

This is one birthday present Wendy will surely never forget.

Watch the emotional moment caught on video here:

Photo Credit: Facebook Video Screenshot | Love What Matters.

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